A residential masterpiece integrating several Hammerton Heritage fixtures, created by XACT Interiors.

Step inside the Carr residence, a captivating Northern Idaho lakefront estate infused with timeless architectural majesty. Within these walls, Coeur D Alene principal designer Lynn Fleming of XACT Interiors embarked on a daunting mission: to make massive timbers and voluminous spaces approachable and welcoming. Bringing this vision to life, she sought the unmatched quality and perennial beauty of Hammerton Heritage lighting.

The residence’s timeless aesthetic demanded a lighting partner that defies transient trends and celebrates enduring design. Hammerton Heritage fixtures breathe life into the space, complementing its timber trusses, exquisite artwork, and breathtaking views. These substantial handcrafted lights radiate frontier elegance and echo the architectural size and scale of the home, harmonizing beautifully with the handhewn beams and dimensional stone. With Hammerton’s commitment to crafting timeless designs, these fixtures perfectly align with Fleming’s vision of creating a welcoming home that would endure through generations.

The XACT Interiors team takes a bespoke approach, treating every project as a unique narrative. Principal designer Lynn Fleming explains, “Each estate home should unfold and reveal itself rather than fit a predetermined design style.” The Carr residence is a beautiful representation of Fleming’s idea, Its story told through a captivating interplay of organic materials and time-honored craftsmanship that stands well apart from the norm.

The partnership between XACT Interiors and Hammerton isn’t just about a dwelling—it’s a testament to the art of creating spaces that withstand the passage of time. Together, the brands crafted a tale of enduring elegance and architectural grandeur. Scroll below to view more of this magnificent lakeside timber home!

Photographed by Patricia Ediger.

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