Custom Outdoor Lighting: Explore the Possibilities

Extraordinary lighting can elevate any architectural style or outdoor living space, but off-the-shelf exterior light fixtures are often limited in style and quality. And most are too diminutive for today's exteriors. Whether your project calls for a particular function, style, scale, motif, lamping, or other unique requirement, Hammerton can accommodate your needs.

Size & Scale Matters

In function, design and scale, today's luxurious outdoor living spaces are extensions of a home's interior—and decorative lighting needs to accommodate that. Proper sizing and thoughtful details can transform a forgettable outdoor fixture into a stylish focal point.

At Hammerton we routinely modify existing designs to suit unique requirements, and we also create one-off signature custom fixtures entirely from scratch.


There is no better way to show off distinctive outdoor living spaces than with unique custom lighting. As the leading U.S. custom residential lighting manufacturer, Hammerton can address every aesthetic and functional requirement of your exterior lighting project.

Let’s bring your lighting vision to life.